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When you contract a graduate from our Change Academy, not only are you supporting their learning and development, you are also helping to raise standards within the industry. We wanted to offer a training academy that provided an 'apprenticeship' to graduates, giving them the opportunity to continue their education and gain industry experience in equal measures.

The MasonBreese Change Academy enables graduates to undertake a two-year training programme, with professional mentorship, during which they learn fundamental skills in how to become effective and accomplished Business Analysts.

The programme is aimed at highly academic individuals, who remain committed to learning and have an enthusiasm for developing new skills. 

Our team of graduates offer your business a cost effective means of utilising fresh, talented and passionate individuals as they embark upon their careers. Together MasonBreese and your organisation will help each graduate to become a valuable member of the Change industry. 

How can the Change Academy benefit my employees?

The Change Academy offers a number of benefits to your business. You may choose to utilise our team of graduates within your organisation, as a way to add cost effective resource to support a change project, or alternatively you may choose to benefit by enrolling your existing employees directly into the programme.

Our external Change Academy programme offers learning opportunities for existing employees within your organisation. By enrolling your employees into the programme they will gain technical training via our online education portal, be allocated a Change mentor for support, whilst continuing to gain professional experience through their day-to-day role.

MasonBreese will work collaboratively to help develop your employees, by providing them with the tools and experienced guidance, to ensure they grow professionally and become greater assets to your business. 

Be part of something innovative and unique

To learn more about the MasonBreese Change Academy and how it can benefit your organisation, get in touch to speak to our Change Academy team. We can arrange a call or a face to face meeting where you can meet some of our current graduates and hear how the programme has helped them.


"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”