From graduate to business analyst, invest in your future.

A Graduate Training Programme where you combine study with employment.

The role of a Business Analyst is to look at existing processes within a business and identify areas where improvements and new business requirements are needed. A business analyst understands business change and communicates these needs to key stakeholders who manage the implementation into an organisation.

Learning to become a professional Business Analyst with MasonBreese can be a perfect opportunity to continue your education whilst earning a competitive salary. 

The MasonBreese Change Academy provides graduates both job security and continual professional development. The two-year programme involves a course of online study combined with on the job professional experience, through a variety of businesses, giving you access to all areas of the industry. You will be assigned your own personal mentor who will be there for you when you need them throughout the programme.

The programme is made up of 11 units which cover four key competencies:

Data and Technology
The core of a Business Analyst’s day to day work.
Projects and Change
The language and techniques you will use to control what you deliver.
A critical part of the understanding of any business.
Personal Effectiveness
The extra dimension which brings together all of the elements of the Change Academy

How can the Change Academy benefit you?

Entering the employment sector after university can be daunting and confusing. The MasonBreese Change Academy is the ideal way to continue your professional development whilst earning a competitive salary

You will become part of a dynamic, vibrant team with access to a diverse range of businesses where you will learn how to become an effective Business Analyst. The Change Academy offers the perfect opportunity to develop your skills whilst learning within a professional environment. With the guidance of a personal mentor throughout the programme you will be fully supported during your two years and given all of the tools required to excel in your chosen career within the Change Management industry.

Your future starts here, upload your CV and enrol.

To learn more about the Change Academy and how you can enrol, upload your CV and get in touch to speak to our Change Academy team. Your MasonBreese experience starts here.

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Change Academy Profiles

Leah McArdle

Change Academy Analyst, with a BSc in Business Management from Queen’s University, Belfast. Leah is a highly motivated Business Analyst with experience in project coordination and operating within large Programme Management Office structures.

Albert Chung

Second year Change Academy Analyst, with a 1st in Mathematics from Warwick University. Albert is a highly skilled practitioner of data modelling, statistical analysis and is proficient with data mining techniques.

Jonathan Snowden

Change Academy Analyst, with a Masters in Translation Studies. Jonathan has experience in data analysis and project administration and specialises in requirements gathering.

Will Gao

Change Academy Analyst, with a MEng Civil and Structural Engineering from Sheffield. Will specialises in process analysis and optimisation and brings exceptional analytical techniques to identity operational efficiencies.

Calvin Carroll

Change Academy Analyst, with a strong background in “modern tech.” Calvin has exceptional knowledge of emerging technologies and specialises in data analysis, SQL and coding.

Get access to a diverse range of businesses where you will learn how to become an effective Business Analyst.