Diversity & Inclusion Statement

MasonBreese is an open and inclusive employer. Our people are what makes our business a success and this is a fundamental part of our mission to be an employer of choice.

We collaborate with our stakeholders at every level on diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) as we recognise this must be modelled at all levels of our business.

Not only is this important to us to create a working environment free from discrimination, but we also want to build one in which everyone can fulfil their potential and maximise their contribution.  This is applicable across all touchpoints with MasonBreese including all applicants, employees, suppliers, contractors, and clients to ensure they feel safe, comfortable, valued, and respected.

Our team is designed to be diverse, and we deliver a broad spectrum of skills to our clients via advisors that have extensive expertise in their chosen fields. We endeavour to attract applicants from a diverse talent pool, focusing on recruiting individuals who align to our values and then teaching and developing necessary skill sets. We are committed to treating all applicants fairly and without discrimination, providing equal and equitable opportunities at each stage of the recruitment process and throughout employment.

We don’t just apply these principles within MasonBreese, but we are also engaged by our clients to support them in their own DE&I programmes.

In 2021 and 2022 we were engaged to design and deliver a thought leadership programme on diversity & inclusion for a client. Working with key partners over seven months we delivered a thought leadership programme that was widely praised by the clients’ stakeholders. As a result of the strategy produced by our project team, this has now been implemented and built-on by the organisation’s newly appointed internal DE&I consultant to continue to transform their approach.  The knowledge shared in the thought leadership programme has been adopted and embedded as part of a positive culture change within the company with the goal of creating a more inclusive workplace. We hope to see this become a role model for others.