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How to collate multiple data sources into one golden source database

We chose Alteryx to manage the multiple data extractions, cleansing, formatting, deduplication and final delivery to the target database. Alteryx allowed us native connections to multiple data sources, in this case multiple databases which sat behind each instance of the CRM software.

The data required matching on multiple different fields and would often be matching hundreds of thousands of rows of data at a time. To do this manually in a spreadsheet would have proved difficult due to the amount of computing resources required. Alteryx allows both reading from and writing to data sources, including an extremely wide range of databases using almost all or not all commercial connection protocols.

On this project matches, which were at or over the matching threshold could be written to the golden source database, whilst the exceptions were exported to a smaller, more manageable flat file for client review.

For the less bespoke instances of the CRM software, filepaths to the database could easily be changed in order to simply ‘plug in’ a new database connection and run the workflows and produce instant results.

Uncover the results achieved using Alteryx:

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