Case Studies

How to push data governance to a new horizon with Alteryx in two months

Alteryx allows native simultaneous connections to multiple data sources – in this case, a data warehouse and a set of the clients excel spreadsheets.

We extracted the data to an Alteryx database: a flat file which Alteryx can work with natively and is tailored for use as a data source for workflows. This is a great solution for large scale data operations with several hundred thousand or millions or rows of data, rather than querying a live database over and over, slowing down both the development process and the warehouse for other users.

We were able to collate the dataset into an Alteryx database and load it into the workflow quickly and repeatedly, allowing for rapid development.

Once workflows were built, they were available to be used against live data. In this case, workflows were used to record the results of each previous day’s data remediation and to provide the next data
sets for the upcoming day’s investigation work. Discrepancy rates were collated for daily reporting as a part of the routine.

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